VetiGraph Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) case study with Studio One

Studio One is an internationally recognised and respected company. It was established in 2006 as a manufacturer of quality female jersey wear for renowned high-street fashion retailers.

Based in Leicestershire, they are a fully integrated vertical supplier with over 30 years’ experience in knitting, dyeing, finishing and printing. They are also an industry leader when it comes to offering a complete service from a single facility.

We interviewed Mohammed and Hussein, from Studio One, about their experiences working with VetiGraph and utilising StylePack in their business.

“StylePack PLM, simply put, it’s a game changer – it saves money, time and effort.”

VetiGraph – Could you tell us a little bit about the business?

Studio One – Studio one set up at around 2006 we are part of a group of companies, so we are totally vertical as a group. Studio one is the manufacturing arm for what essentially started out as ladies wear supplier to the high street.

VetiGraph – How did Stylepack change the way your business is operated compared to the way you were working before?

Studio One – The way we were working before, dinosaur times! We were all pen and paper.

StylePack has made a massive impact. It’s a huge change because it’s information at your fingertips. In the past I had to look through books and books of notes and critical paths that are just coming out of my ears. But with StylePack it’s given us the ability to have everything all in one place, easily accessible.

VetiGraph – What specific features or functionality of the system do you find most helpful in your day-to-day work?

Studio One – You can take out the information at any time – if I want the rating, if I want to just get an image, if I want to see how many units there are and how many I need to deliver in multiple drops. Am I going to make delivery? It also gives me the ability to manage stock. I get to keep a whole tally on how much fabric I’ve got coming into the business, how much is going out, how much I’m left over with. What stages of production have gone through? Has it passed through design? Where is it sitting? Are we keeping to timetables? Are we late? Has it been cut in time? If it’s not cut in time, how am I going to produce in time? These are all the main points. This is where we have really seen the benefit of the system.

VetiGraph – How successful was the implementation in achieving the goals of the project?

Studio One – It was very successful in the sense that we were able to tailor the system in the way that we want to work and VetiGraph, along with the team, were very supportive and helpful in adapting the system to the way we want it to be. That was really helpful because we didn’t have to change our day-to-day process or how we do things, and I think that’s an issue with a lot of PLM systems. You have to change the way you work not how the system works. Whereas we wanted to have a system to work the way we work currently, without having to change the way our people work much. And VetiGraph StylePack has ticked all those boxes.

It’s had a massive influence. It’s made a big difference on the whole company because everybody is able to keep track of themselves. They don’t need somebody to micromanage anymore. There’s no need for somebody to sit and say, “have you done this?” They’re able to see immediately that these are my tasks. This is what I’ve got to do. And they’re able to plan better the day. They know what days they need to get samples out, what days they need to be delivered and they can plan accordingly.

VetiGraph – Would you recommend the system to other companies?

Studio One – Yes, I would suggest that they should just make the inquiry, have a look at the system and have a demo because the team are very helpful.

VetiGraph – How has VetiGraph impacted the overall organisation and productivity?

Studio One – I think what VetiGraph and the StylePack team do very well is they can come in and have a look at your business, demo the system and they’re able to tell you straight away, honestly and openly that this is where we’re able to make things more efficient. You know there’s nothing wrong with the way you’re working here, but definitely on XYZ we’ll be able to help. I think that’s the beauty about VetiGraph.

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