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One of the big UK manufacturing success stories of the last few years is furniture. Long lead times from the Far-East and spiralling transporation costs have shown some of the many benefits of reshoring back to the UK.

Meet tomorrow’s design and manufacturing challenges.

VetiGraph – Unify your teams with easy solutions deployment and improved communications

VetiGraph is used at the conceptual and sampling stages and in the optimisation and cutting of materials. Our solutions will help you achieve the highest level of cutting quality, minimise fabric waste while boosting your productivity.

At VetiGraph, we will work by your side and bring you conceptual design tools and automation solutions that will help you improve and accelerate your design process and increase your operational efficiency.

Our systems are trusted by leading furniture and upholstery companies including:

Designed to meet your needs

Whether you manufacture bespoke upholstery products such as sofas and armchairs or automotive, marine or aviation seating, bedding, or temporary structures, such as tents and awnings – all these products have one thing in common: they have to be made to exacting standards and built to be resilient and comfortable.

Having the right tools is essential to help your business design and manufacture high quality products. Because everyone’s product design is unique, you need functional solutions which will reflect your creativity and keep efficiency at the top of your agenda.

CNC fabric cutting room

How can a digital cutting room help you in furniture and upholstery?

Our GraphCut range of single and multi-ply auto cutters are suitable for cutting a wide range of materials and are scalable to meet your business demands. The GraphCut range of fabric spreaders speed up the material spreading process, increasing productivity and saving material.

Digitising Systems
CNC Fabric Cutters

Fabric Spreaders
Production Plotters

How can template cutting and grading software help you in furniture and upholstery?

Whether your templates are very simple or complex, using CAD software makes the process of making templates quick and easy. If your templates are particularly large, designing digitally saves space and means your important assets are backed up and stored safely and securely.

How can nesting and marker making software help you in furniture and upholstery?

Advanced marker and nesting software can make significant savings in fabric consumption and time saved by not physically drawing cutting markers. The markers can be sent to your auto cutter or printed on a production plotter for your cutting team.

Pattern Matching

We implement versatile solutions that will assist you with the most complex tasks when it comes to matching patterns to patterned fabric. VetiGraph will digitally capture the fabric motif, creating relationships between each piece. The nesting software will automatically nest the patterns to the highest yield and match the patterns perfectly to the fabric.

Kuris CNC Leather Cutting Machine

Leather Cutting

Our solution will digitally detect the outlines of the hide enabling the operator to view and accurately mark out the flaws on the hide to create quality zones. The patterns can be manually or automatically nested in the hide with priority parts allocated to each quality zone and the hide cut out either on-line or off-line.


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