Cutting-edge CAD/CAM solutions from VetiGraph

“Think there must be a better way to cut materials in the manufacturing process, but not sure where to start? Looking for technology, but believe investment in digital cutting is unaffordable? Think again, says CAD/CAM solution specialist, VetiGraph …”

Vector Sofa and Chair

“There is a misconception in the furniture and upholstery manufacturing industry that modern technology is only accessible for the biggest companies,” says VetiGraph. “This couldn’t be further from the truth. If a factory wants to be more versatile by designing quicker, cutting faster, controlling costs, and reducing waste, there are cost-effective solutions available.”

VetiGraph has been supplying CAD/CAM solutions for over 35 years, and during that time has developed design and cutting solutions which are utilised by over 1500 businesses in the UK and worldwide.

“The days of having hundreds of cardboard templates hanging up in the factory are long gone,” VetiGraph continues. “Our CAD design software is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to digitally create templates with pinpoint accuracy. The system provides the added peace of mind that templates, which are the IP of the business, are safely stored and protected away from any potential damage.”

Stripey Sofa

One of the biggest advantages of using CAD is the ability to produce lay plans and cut markers more quickly, instantly saving time and money by improving fabric consumption, as the software nests the templates in the most efficient way possible. Costings and fabric usage are instantly available, which is particularly useful when it comes to custom products and improving lead times.

VetiGraph’s advanced nesting and marker software can also work as a standalone solution, with a marker plotter, for the smaller factory which may still prefer to cut by hand. VetiGraph also offers a comprehensive range of CNC auto-cutters for factories looking to scale up their production, and says that this technology offers high precision, high-speed cutting to suit every operation.

“The furniture industry has many layers of complexity, such as leather cutting, and dealing with the irregular shape and faults in the hides, and pattern matching with complex fabric designs and bespoke products,” concludes the CAD/CAM specialist. “These complex manufacturing challenges can be overcome with software and hardware solutions which are so quick and easy to use that they cannot be ignored any more.”

Leather Sofa

“These software and hardware solutions are so quick and easy to use that they cannot be ignored any more.”