Production Plotters

Built to meet the most demanding needs of a busy cutting room, these plotters are fast, hardwearing, low maintenance and made in the UK.

Make drawing production markers by hand a thing of the past.

Fast, cost effective and quiet!

Working alongside VetiGraph Auto Marker software you can quickly and simply speed up the marker creation process, removing the need to draw patterns by hand.

Paper is easy to load and using standard long lasting inkjet cartridges means sourcing replacements is easy and cost effective.

Our production plotters are compatible with a wide range of pattern cutting, marker making, CAD and grading software.

Our range of production plotters are made in the UK to the highest build quality.

Backed up with UK based service and support.


  • For the printing of production cutting markers.
  • Up to 86” (220cm) print width.
  • Printing on a range of textile papers used in the apparel, marine, automotive and furniture industries.
  • Print method: Inkjet with options of 1, 2 or 4 heads or Ballpoint Pen.
  • Two paper loading positions – 1) Floor mounted front-loading position which makes for easy loading without having to lift the paper roll more than a couple of inches 2) The higher rear loading position for a slightly simpler paper feed path.
  • Printing speeds for Inkjet are: 50m2/ph one head, 90m2/ph two heads and 155m2/ph four heads.  Ballpoint pen is 113cm/s.
  • Very little paper waste due to a short paper path.
Paper patterns on a cutting table

No more marking out by hand

You don’t have to make the leap to a CNC Automated Cutter straight away to start your journey into using CAD cutting technology.

VetiGraph nesting and marker creating software is a cost effective way to improve cutting room efficiency, reduce costs and reduce fabric wastage.

You still keep the same cutting machinery, cutting tables and staff – you just remove the laborius process of marking around cardboard patterns and then cutting.


No more drawing markers by hand!

Made in the UK

Our range of plotters are made in the UK. This gives you the pieces of mind of knowing that parts are readily available with fast, reliable delivery.

Our engineers are factory trained, based in Leicester, and cover the whole of the UK.

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Photo digitising board and camera with patterns being digitised

Digitising Systems

ScanGraph digitising solutions will improve your design productivity by digitising batches of hard copy patterns or templates fast and accurately.

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Furniture & Upholstery

Other Industries