CAD Software for Nesting and Marker Making

Making cutting markers from paper patterns is an artform and still has its place cutting small runs or bespoke garments.However, the savings that can be made from moving to cutting automation cannot be ignored. 

Save time. Reduce costs. Cut waste.

Using Automarker will make instant savings

For any cutting room needing to regularly produce multiple and or long lays moving to automated marker software can make huge time and financial savings.

  • Create your markers fast using the latest in advanced AI technology.
  • Reduce fabric waste by more efficient piece nesting.
  • Reduce time by automating lay quantities, piece grouping, fusing blocks, piece alignment, colour shading, working around fabric defects, pattern matching and much more.
  • View all costing associated with the cutting including fabric consumption and wastage.

Marker Optimum Quick

VetiGraph Optimum Quick is our entry level marker generating software. The user can set options including cutting table length, fabric width, buffer spacing between pieces, specify the quantities required per size, select and de-select pattern pieces, select specific piece orientation, avoid flaws in the fabric; then let the software generate your cutting marker. If your cutter thinks it can be done better then the marker can be adjusted manually.

  • High efficiency nesting and production marker.
  • Savings of at least 7% of fabric compared to traditional methods.
  • Get the most out of your material in a matter of seconds.

Marker Optimum Expert

VetiGraph Optimum Expert offers all the features of Optimum Quick but is specifically tasked with achieving the highest percentage of fabric use by using a timer to explore every possible combination of pattern placement.

  • High efficiency nesting and production marker software.
  • Net gains of approximately 12% in fabric utilisation.
  • Expert Optimum offers users the opportunity to obtain considerable fabric savings in minimal amount of time.
Furniture digital CAD file

Pattern Cutting & Grading Software

Our CAD Design Software connects seamlessley to the Nesting & Marker Making module. Some of the benefits of using CAD for creating your patterns and templates include:

CAD replicates traditional pattern cutting tools and techniques, efficiently and accurately. It makes grading quick and easy. You can easily send pattern files to customers and suppliers in standard formats.

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Furniture & Upholstery

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