Design Studio Hardware

Digitising systems and plotters – the essential tools for the modern designer.

Your patterns are your valuable intelectual property and they need to be stored safely, securely and digitally.

Essential design tools for the 21st century.

Making paper and card a thing of the past

Advanced software and artificial intelligence are driving design innovation forward, but these are only as good as the hardware assisting with the capturing and printing.

It will be some time before paper patterns and templates are a thing of the past. Until all designers go digital an efficient and effective way of creating digital files is still needed.

Digitising has never been easier

VetiGraph ScanGraph systems offer advanced digitising and scanning options that quickly and accurately replicate the pattern or template capturing all the notches, drill holes, darts, internal lines and annotations.

Creating digital files of your legacy patterns means they are stored safely and securely in the cloud, reduce storage costs and increase space and are easy to identify and find. It also removes the risk of patterns being damaged or altered without knowledge or consent.

Collaborate with anyone in the world by simply sending digital files instantly. VetiGraph files can easily be saved as DXF format, the common language between all CAD solutions.

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Every design studio needs a reliable plotter

Plotters are the workhorses of the modern design studio. It is essential to have a plotter that is up to date, reliable, can cope with multiple media types and, perhaps most important, quiet!

All our plotting and digitising systems are made in the UK and backed up by our industry leading service and support.

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