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The fashion industry has been a pioneer in design and technology advancement. The software available is contantly developing and evolving and for over 35 years VetiGraph has been at the forefront of this technology.

How to tackle the fashion industry’s challenges and disruptions.

Fashion and apparel design, manufacture and retail are key sectors for revenue and employment worldwide. The UK alone is a major employer, with a reported 500,000 jobs in around 30,000 businesses said to depend on the fashion and textile industry. These workers are involved in fashion retail, design and manufacturing. But at the same time, the sector faces complex challenges and consumers are displaying new sets of priorities. Demand and sales patterns are not as stable as they used to be and retailers are forced to react with more flexibility.

To address the evolving needs of the market, many businesses in the fashion sector are increasingly adopting fashion design software and fashion lay planning software. These tools are designed to provide greater agility and precision in both the planning and execution stages of fashion manufacturing and retailing. This adoption not only streamlines processes but also allows for a more dynamic response to consumer demands and market trends, which is crucial in maintaining competitiveness in this fast-paced industry.

Why Digital Fashion?

CAD means Computer Aided Design. Traditionally pattern cutters worked with a variety of tools, paper and card to create their patterns, and many still do. In recent years, we have seen these processes becoming digital, using 2D and 3D design, modelling and virtual sampling. The hand tools traditionally used are now replicated in the software with many additional, time saving, options as well.

Environmental sustainability has become a dominating feature of fashion consumers’ agenda. Sustainable production is fast becoming a priority for retailers, designers and manufacturers. Meanwhile, cost pressures such as freight and raw materials weigh increasingly on supply chains which have become more complex.

Digitalisation, 2D and 3D design, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are now key factors in unlocking growth in the sector.

Our systems are trusted by leading apparel companies including:

How can pattern cutting and grading software help you in fashion apparel?

Whatever sector you are working in, from fashion to swimwear or sportswear, you’ll be able to do more than you ever imagined with VetiGraph Expert CAD. This fashion design software is designed to help you easily create patterns and templates, we’ve built it to meet the demands of the most exacting design studios.

How can 3D design and virtual sampling help you in fashion apparel?

VetiGraph Design Collection 3D is revolutionising fashion design, sampling, and marketing. Our software will help you explore new styles and communicate your ideas better. This innovative approach to design and production allows you to sell your products before they have even been sampled. By employing fashion design software like this, you can drastically reduce the time and resources spent on traditional sampling, thereby accelerating your product development cycle and enhancing your ability to respond to market trends quickly.

How can nesting and marker making software help you in fashion apparel?

Using advanced artificial Intelligence (AI), Vetigraph Optimum Marker Quick and Expert will save you time and money by improving the efficiency and accuracy of lay planning, parts nesting, and costings. Integrating this fashion lay planning software into your workflow allows for more precise fabric usage and cost-effective production processes, enhancing your capability to manage resources effectively while reducing waste.

How can Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) help you in fashion apparel?

Stylepack PLM is an integrated solution that will connect your entire product design, development, and production processes, and then track orders and manage the critical path and stock inventory. It provides the tools you need to maintain control and reduce time to market. Employing fashion design software and fashion lay planning software enhances the PLM capabilities, optimising every stage from initial design to final delivery by improving efficiency and streamlining operations.

How can design studio hardware help you in fashion apparel?

If you need to digitise your card patterns, we have the solution for you – and you’ll only need a scanner or an ordinary digital camera. Using these, ScanGraph will speedily and efficiently convert your paper patterns and templates to digital files in a generic format, ready for grading, printing or cutting. This fashion design software facilitates seamless transitions from traditional to digital formats, enhancing the productivity and accuracy of your design studio operations.

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How can a cutting room hardware help you in fashion apparel?

GraphCut is our range of automated fabric cutting machines. These single and multi-ply cutters make light work of cutting materials for a variety of applications. With a huge range of features and advanced capabilities, our GraphCut range of automated fabric spreaders will help you maintain efficiency when spreading fabrics.

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