CNC Automated Fabric Cutter Machine


Whether you are manufacturing from fashion products to furniture and upholstery or composite parts, we offer fabric cutting machine solutions that will help you to achieve the highest level of cutting quality, minimise fabric waste while boosting productivity.

VetiGraph are proud to be the UK agents for Kuris and GraphCut CNC Cutting Machines

Compatible and easy to use and maintain, our digital fabric cutter machine solutions will help you cut costs and optimize your processes.

Cost effective, advanced fabric cutting & trimmer solutions

The GraphCut series of automated cutting solutions is ideal for the cutting of materials ranging from single or low ply to high quantity production and offers the highest level of accuracy. Our solutions are intuitive and easy to operate with support costs at a fraction of what they are with our competitors.

GraphCut machines are offered with a choice of either a static operation with a flatbed non-conveyorised table or a dynamic table including a conveyorised cutting and offloading area.

Both systems are user friendly, accommodate a range of tools for a variety of cutting applications, minimise fabric waste, cut to a high quality and reduce costs.

All our cutting machines are backed up with a comprehensive warranty package and UK based service and support.

Single-Ply CNC Autocutters

In today’s marketplace customers increasingly demand highly customised products. Single-ply cutters are ideal for cutting technical materials, cutting rooms with limited space, sample makers, and short production runs.
Kuris Cutty Single Ply CNC Fabric Cutting Machine

Multi-Ply CNC Autocutters

In a production environment, you want a robust multi-ply cutter that can stand up to your production demands, while helping you work as efficiently as possible. These machines will satisfy the requirements of the most challenging cutting rooms with a maximum cutting height of 9 cm.

Contact us with your exact cutting machine requirements and we will happily:

  • Quote you for the exact machine to meet your requirements.
  • Arrange to video and test cut samples of your fabric.
  • Arrange a live demonstration of a cutter in a working factory.
Cut fabric pieces lying on an automated CNC fabric cutter

Made in Europe

All our fabric cutting machines are either made in the UK or Europe. This gives you the piece of mind of knowing that parts are not located the other side of the world.

Our engineers are factory trained, based in Leicester, and cover the whole of the UK.

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Vetigraph have been a key factor in supporting our manufacturing processes since 2017. They are always ready to help when needed. Vetigraph software works seamlessly with the automatic cutting machine improving greatly our manufacturing capabilities.  We couldn’t be happy with the service provided and look forward to working with them for many years to come.
VetiGraph / CNC Auto Cutter Testimonial

Lilly J. Production Manager at VestGuard UK

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