3D Design & Virtual Sampling

When you have an idea for a design, you want to start experimenting with it immediately, letting your imagination run riot.

VetiGraph 3D design and virtual sampling solutions will help your ideas lead the market.

3D is a real game changer in fashion design

What is 3D CAD Design?

3D CAD Design is the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to represent an object in three dimensions. However, it’s not as new as you might think. 3D CAD software has been used for decades to design solid objects in a variety of industries including aviation, automotive and architecture. Its use in the fashion sector is more recent but it has many benefits. The software can precisely visualise and share textile and fashion designs as well as simplify the complex sampling stage.

Fabric, prints, colourways and tension maps

Explore and customise new designs by trying out multiple materials with numerous styles. As well as experimenting with different colours, you will be able to design and visualise colourways, fabrics, textures and trims. You can also test material properties with the tension maps, which will highlight any issues with fit and sizing.

Sales tool and virtual catwalks

Vetigraph 3D Design will quickly create engaging product images and help you visualise your ideas from both an artistic and a technical perspective, producing detailed cut away images. Our solutions offer a vast array of smart tools to help you speed up the creative process and bring your ideas to life with virtual catwalks.

Stylebook - share and publish your designs to the next level

Stylebook is our collaborative platform which will allow you to publish and share your designs online, displaying them in 3D on their avatars. It will improve your communication with customers as well as any team members working from home or in different locations. 

Drag to rotate

360 render

Virtual Sampling starts here

VetiGraph 3D Design massively improves your efficiency. It allows you to create virtual samples, reducing the need for physical prototypes and removing redundant sampling stages. 

You’ll eliminate fabric waste and increase productivity while helping the fashion industry in its drive to become more sustainable.

VetiGraph 3D Design’s interactive approach to design and production allows you to sell your products before they are even made. You can test your creations in the market and heighten your customers’ excitement. 

Fabric Scanner

If you’re planning a 3D fashion design strategy, you will need to pay particular attention to the quality of fabric rendering and textures in order to give your customers the best possible experience. 

Our solutions provide fabric scanning in true-to-life rendering and textures. This will allow you to showcase the best fabrics in a multitude of designs and vice versa.

Made to measure CAD design image

2D Pattern Cutting & Grading Software

Our CAD Design Software connects seamlessley to the 3D Design module. Some of the benefits of using CAD for creating your patterns and templates include:

CAD replicates traditional pattern cutting tools and techniques, efficiently and accurately. It makes grading quick and easy. You can easily send pattern files to customers and suppliers in standard formats.

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