Manual Hand Cutting Machines


Manual hand cutting machines are the work horses of the small to medium sized factory or sampling studio. These machines can be found in factories around the world and in many harsh working environments like constuction sites and even on fishing boats.

Our range of hand cutters are the “Rolls Royce” of the cutting industry. Incredibly reliable and robust, with a comprehensive range of spare parts available. This means they will carry on working for many many years and provide an excellent return on investment.

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Kuris Novita range of hand cutters

Handheld Rotary Cutters

4 options available:

Kuris Novita Plus– A lightweight entry level version particularly suited for cutting wool and soft materials.

Kuris Novita Standard – Ideal for cutting all types of textiles and soft leather. Can be used on site as well on a cutting table.

Kuris Novita Super – For cutting heavy and technical fabrics. The cutting performance is 10 times that of the Super.

Novita Jet – This is a modified compressed air version of the Standard. For use where an electrical connection is not possible for safety reasons, like in wet areas.

Optional Extras:

  • Cordless rechargeable version available.
  • 80cm Extension Handle (Novita Super).
  • Skid Base for cutting thicker materials and for cutting with a template.
  • Skid Base with Protective Ball for cutting delicate materials.

Round Knife Cutters

3 options available:

Kuris BOM 30 – The lightweight entry level version, cutting materials up to 25mm high.

Kuris BOM 101 – Heavierweight and with a cutting height of 27mm. Also available in a Kuris BOM101 Power version suitable for jeans, leather, rigid and industrial fabrics.

Kuris BOM 101 AKKU – Cordless, rechargeable cutter.  Cutting height up to 27mm. Each unit comes with 1 battery and charging unit.

Optional Extras:

  • Cordless rechargeable version available.
  • SK and SL versions come with an 85cm Extension Handle with on/off switch.
  • SK and SL versions have a special base that is fed into an aluminium track for unlimited cutting length or fast cross cutting.
Kuris Bom Round Knife Cutter
Parts diagram for Kuris Cutters

Spare Parts

Unlike pretty much every other manual cutter on the market today, there are a huge range of spare parts available for your machine.  This will significantly extend the life of your cutter.

Parts include:

Blades, Grinding Stones, Washers, Springs, Nut, Bolts, Bushes, Brushes, Flanges, Pins, Clips and much more!

Made in Germany

All our manual cutting machines are made in Germany. This gives you the piece of mind of knowing that parts are not located the other side of the world and that the machines have been tested to the highest standards.

Our engineers are factory trained, based in Leicester, and cover the whole of the UK.

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