Pattern Cutting and Grading Software

VetiGraph fashion CAD pattern design, pattern cutting software is trusted by fashion designers, pattern cutters and graders around the world.

Our solutions provide pattern cutting software, grading and marker making.

The leading CAD software for innovative designers

The benefits of moving from card to CAD

  • Save time.
  • More accurate and efficient.
  • Eliminate manual errors.
  • Speed up the sampling process.
  • Increase productivity by as much as 30%.
  • Files protected (with cloud storage).
  • Retain legacy patterns without taking up space.
  • Easily send and receive digital pattern files.
  • Automate the cutting process and connect to CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) systems.

Our system offers a wide range of tools to simplify digital pattern cutting, grading and pattern design alterations. You can easily generate fullness, create pleats, add darts and notches, seam allowance and hems. The pattern cutter is guided with the help of straightforward dialogue boxes, automated tools and measuring functions to speed up product development and make perfect patterns.

Pattern Grading

With VetiGraph CAD grading becomes accurate and simple. Pattern blocks and grading rules are in place to help check for accuracy. Much of the process is automated and grading rules can be saved for future use. Easily show and hide the grading and change the base size.

Pattern Marker Making

Using powerful AI, VetiGraph Marker Optimum is an additional module that allows you to create cutting markers fast and efficiently, whilst maximising the yield of the fabric. The software instantly gives cost data and fabric consumption, enabling you to reduce fabric waste by up to 15%.

Made To Measure

The world of tailor-made bespoke garments often feels like a sector technology has left behind. VetiGraph CAD includes made to measure as a standard feature. Quickly and easily enter your customers measurements into the system to get a custom fit, then print out the patterns for your tailors with one of our plotters.

Importing And Exporting Files 

Our CAD design and pattern software can import and export to and from other CAD software systems including Gerber, Lectra, Investronica, as well as fabric design packages such as Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. Sending files or migrating from another system to VetiGraph is easy and straightforward using .DXF files.

Body Scanner App

Using a smartphone camera from anywhere in the world, your clients can create a virtual avatar that will collect over 100 accurate measurements:

  1. Send a QR code to your client.
  2. They download the App on their smartphone and follow the simple instructions. All they need to do is wear some tight fitting clothing to allow for accurate scanning.
  3. Using the smartphone camera they simply turn 360 degrees within 10 seconds for the upper body and lower body.
  4. The avatar takes about 5 minutes to process the data to your platform.
  5. The captured video is not available to anyone. It is not transmitted, stored or available to any other party

“10 years ago we started working with Vetigraph’s CAD system and it transformed our design development process. Creating, developing and grading patterns digitally has increased accuracy and considerably improved productivity not to mention reducing storage space. It is also key to our business to have the ability to produce bespoke, made-to-measure patterns digitally.

More recently, we have adopted StylePack to manage all our production processes for both bridal and RTW.

Vetigraph as a company is very ‘user friendly’ and will always do whatever it takes to resolve a problem.”

VetiGraph / Testimonial

Martin Jenkins, MD of Sassi Holford Bridal Couture

three 3d images of two dresses and a jacket

3D Design & Virtual Sampling Software

Our 3D software and custom avatar can generate a virtual prototype for final approval to assist you and your customer envisage the finished garment.

Available as an optional module to our 2D CAD software. Find out more

Supporting Hardware

In addition to our CAD software you might need:

A Digitsing System to convert your old card patterns into digital files. Find out more

A Studio Plotter to print out pattern files for sampling, to send to factories etc. Find out more

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