Cutting Room Technology

As the demands for faster leaner manufacturing grow stronger having an efficient cutting room is never more important than right now.

Our cutting edge technology is some of the most advanced available and we have solutions for companies whether big or small.

Take your manufacturing capabilities to the next level with a fully automated cutting room.

The hub of the modern factory

The cutting room is often overlooked when streamlining the manufacturing process. The initial cost of investment often causes the huge potential savings to be overlooked. The benefits and saving of automating the cutting room include reduced labour costs, increased productivity with less downtime, improvements in quality, reduction in material wastage as well as reducing time to market. Crucially, the low average power consumption of our machinery will help you reduce the carbon footprint of your cutting room.

GraphCut Automatic Cutters and Fabric Spreaders

The VetiGraph range of GraphCut automatic cutters and spreaders offer cutting edge technology, superior design and quality all matched to your business needs.

Whether it is for a design house sample room or the most demanding volume manufacturer we will build and install a machine that will exceed your expectations.

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CNC Fabric Cutters
Fabric Spreaders

Robust and hardworking plotters

QuickJet plotters work alongside our auto cutters to ensure accurate labelling of the cut pieces as they are removed from the machine. For traditional cutting rooms using hand tools our plotters can improve efficiency while working with VetiGraph Auto Marker software – no more drawing markers by hand.

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Production Plotters

Advanced automarker and nesting software – driving the hardware

Our automated marker making and lay planning software greatly improves the efficiency of the cutting room and accuracy of garment costing.

“Savings of up to 7% on fabric consumption”

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Nesting & Marker Making Software

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