VetiGraph First Step Manual

£44.50 (£53.40 inc VAT)

VetiGraph First Step Manual, Step-By-Step notes on Digital Pattern Cutting, Digital Grading, Made-to-Measure, Lay Planning (Marker) and Photo Digitiser.

The first step manual is a guide to assist and familiarise users with the icons and tool functions in the VetiGraph software modules: such as VETIPATTERN, VETIMARK, VETIPRINT, VETI DXF, PHOTO DIGITISER and DIGITISING BOARD. These modules work together producing a dynamic system to support and help increase productivity as single user or within a business.

Contents include ‘Create a Skirt Block’, ‘Made to Measure’, ‘Close Fitting Woven Bodice Block’, ‘Grading in X and Y’, ‘Fit Amendments’, ‘Dummy Grade’, ‘Markers’,and ‘DXF Interface’.

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