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With over three decades of experience in computer-aided design/manufacturing development, we’ve helped many of our customers achieve the highest level of cutting quality. Whether that’s manufacturing fashion products to furniture and upholstery, our cutting machines provide effective solutions to problems like fabric waste and low productivity levels.

Here at VetiGraph, we offer a range of products from design software to our much-loved CNC automated digital fabric cutting machine.

Our auto-cutters are easy to use, as well as simple to maintain.

Offering a range of model types to fit every project and client in between, we offer some of the best cutting machines available on the market currently.

Whether you’re needing to meet the increasing demand of a growing business or looking to cut the waste produced within your current operations, investing in a CNC automated fabric cutter is well worth doing.

What Are CNC Automated Fabric Cutters?

CNC automated fabric cutters are precision tools used in the textile industry to cut fabrics into desired shapes and patterns. The acronym CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, indicating that the cutting process is controlled by a computer program. These cutters are highly efficient and accurate, eliminating the need for manual cutting which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. They work by inputting a digital pattern into the cutting machine, which then utilizes a cutting tool to precisely cut through a layer or layers of fabric. CNC automated fabric cutters our quicker, improve productivity, and ensure consistent and precise cuts, making them an invaluable tool in the textile manufacturing process.

Single-ply and Multi-ply Autocutters

We’ve got single-ply auto-cutters designed for cutting technical materials and for cutting rooms with limited space. Our multi-ply auto-cutter machines are suited to stand up to the demands of even the busiest cutting rooms.

Benefits of a Digital Cutting Machine

There are great benefits that we can offer our clients when it comes to digital cutting machines. 

Saves time

The software that we’ve developed to be used with our CNC machines is precise, quick, and efficient. Everything you want to hear when it comes to running a time-efficient business.

Reduces waste

The software used in our machines expertly estimates and pre-plans the cutting. This helps reduce waste, saving you money and benefits the world around us.

Due to the instructions pre-loaded into the machines, the process is carried out exactly and therefore reduces energy consumption.

    Fewer Man-Hours Required

    The machines cut a lot faster than manual labour, as well as the ability to cut more intricate designs within a 1/2mm tolerance. It means fewer man-hours are required, saving you money.

    Timelines Are Met

    With clients waiting for their product, you can worry less about meeting deadlines with these machines speeding up the whole manufacturing process.

      Operate From Smaller Factories

      For businesses limited by space, we have machines with smaller footprints.  Using a machine to cut reduces the amount of staff needed, meaning you can continue to operate and grow in your current space.

      There are many benefits that you get from purchasing one of our CNC machines. Combined with the software we’ve developed, you’ve got a solution for your business that will provide an incredible ROI.

        Why Invest in a Digital Cutting Machine from VetiGraph?

        We have worked diligently to develop machinery and software that innovates and inspires the design industry. Our goal is to create user-friendly and functional CAD/CAM and PLM systems for our customers. That way, the industry our clients operate in becomes a leaner and more sustainable environment in general. We’ve got plenty of experience and we’re specialist providers of solutions that will change your business forever.

        With a wealth of experience, we specialise in providing solutions that will forever transform your business. No matter the challenges your business faces, we have the products to solve them. Take action now and discover the power of Vetigraph!

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